Twins Black Leather Belly Pad BEPL2/Belly Protection

Twins belly Protection is designed for the best Muay Thai, MMA & UFC fighters
Reference : TWS-BP-01-BK

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The Twins Belly Pad is made to handle the world-class punishment that Top fighters dish out. It comes with a Velcro waist closure at the back; this allows for quick transitions from one training scenarios to the next; it also ensure an easy, secure fit. The Belly Pad is ideal for training push kicks, knee strikes, and overall clinch training; it can be used in combination with punching mitts and kicking pads. Made from 100% Thai leather and fine, high density padding. Belly Protection Features : Handmade in Thailand Reinforced front  Side targets  Thick velcro strap Leather Model : BEPL2 Brand : Twins
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