Twins HGL3 boxing Sparring Head Guard Blue Leather


Twins boxing Head Guard : Designed for sparring any type of Muay Thai boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, Full contact, K-1, UFC...

Reference : TWS-HG-02-BL


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The Twins Headguard has additional padding in the chin and cheek areas. It allows for a good range-of-vision while still offering a high degree of protection. It is designed for full contact sparring and holds up to the punishment dished out by world-class fighters. The firm, high-density foam padding and greater face coverage increase safety and improve the balance between comfort and shock absorption. Made from high grade Thai leather. Head Guard Features : Handmade in Thailand Lace-up top  Velcro back closure Leather High density foam Model : HGL-3 Brand : Twins


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