Twins Boxing Gloves Fancy Red BGVL-43


Twins Boxing Gloves BGVL-43 Fancy

Handmade in Thailand,100% cow leather, maximum durability.your partners for boxing.

Reference : TWS-GL-10-RD


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Twins boxing gloves BGVL-43 Fancy  are handmade in Thailand, cow-leather, for maximum resistance and durability.

8 Oz is used for women's competition. 10 Oz are made for men's competition.

While sizes 12 to 18 Oz are for training and sparring.

Gloves BGVL-43 characteristics:

Brand: Twins Model:BGVL-43

100% cow leather. Handmade.

Velcro closure

Available from 8 to 16 Oz. [Lace closure, 4, 6 and 18 Oz available on order - contact us].


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