Fairtex Muay Thai / MMA Kicking pads, Leather White / Black KPLC1


Fairtex Kicking Pads KPLC1, equipment for Muay Thai/MMA training.
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Reference : FTX-KP-01-WH/BK


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Fairtex Kicking Pads KPLC1 are specially designed for Muay Thai, MMA, and Martial Art practice. Softs and  flexibles, from the first boxing training, Fairtex Kick Pads allow the trainer to work on his boxers kicks... Kicking pads Characteristics : Velcro closure High density foam Synthetic Leather Size: S, STD, X-THICK, X-LONG Made in Thailand Brand: Fairtex Model: kPLC1 to kPLC4 Other models : contact-us.


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