About us

Thaiboxing Fightgear is the result of a friendship and a presence in thailand since 2006.
Take a business experience gained from more than 70,000 customers, a strong passion for travelling, for foreign languages and  the pleasure of meeting new people.
Then we got the chance to discover the true Muay Thai and his noble values.
In the countryside, in small towns, far from the beaten tracks, we had the joy to assists muay thai trainings and fights, sharing enthusiasm and true passion with the locals. We discovered a history, and a strong culture.
Thourougs the years, we have been able to establish strong links with many people in this sport. Fighters, coaches, organizers, suppliers, and also manufacturers.

Discipline, training, the overcoming of oneself, the desire to succeed of all these anonymous has shown us
what Muay Thai really is. Thaiboxing Fightgear is born from this experience.

Today Thaiboxing Fightgear works in partnership with internationally renowned Thai boxing brands: Fairtex, Twins, Top King, Windy, Raja, Yokkao and local brands appreciated by the greatest Thai fighters. We know what's going on in the country of Muay Thai, we know what fighters, boxers and coaches are looking for. We will be happy to answer all your questions about Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Art and your equipment.

On our website you will find a very wide selection of boxing equipment: Boxing Gloves, Thai boxing shorts, MMA and UFC, T-shirt, protections (shin guards, ankle & elbow pads, head guards, mouthguards, tapes, shell , etc ...), boxing equipment (bear's paw, punching bag, paos and , bumper pad, etc ...) and accessories (mongkol, elevation mask, heating oil, etc. .. )

Want to get in touch ? Thaiboxing Fightgear speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese.