About us

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Our background and beliefs.

Muay Thai is for anyone. At Thaiboxing Fightgear, this is what we stand for. Anyone who is looking to stay in shape and/or improve their strength can benefit from it. Anyone who is trully passionate about muay thai and want to go further in this sport Here's why.

Our story

Thaiboxing Fightgear is the outcome of a long-standing friendship and presence in Thailand. Take a previous successful business experience and add a common passion for travel, foreign languages and meeting new people. We were lucky enough to learn about Thai boxing and how it works in his noblest juice. In the countryside, in the cities, but always far from the beaten track, we had the chance to attend Muay Thai trainings and fights. And Those events got the crowd very excited. Oh, you have to be there to feel the chills going through the crowd. We saw how hard they worked, how much they wanted to succeed, and how self-disciplined they were. All of these people told us what muay thai really is. His history, his culture.

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Let's start

Over the years, we've gotten to know a lot of people involved in this sport—fighters, trainers, coordinators, and, finally, manufacturers and producers. We went to meet them, on a rented motorcycle, in that overcrowded Bangkok. Visited the factories, were often impressed, sometimes surprised, sometimes disappointed. But we really went there, we didn't just visit some nice looking stores or look at pictures on the web. We've been in the ring, taken hits, made people laugh, and gotten sweaty. If we could get in a ring (ok: we never impressed anyone), everbody can. In May 2018, Thaiboxing Fightgear came out from all of this.

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Our goals

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand (we know you know). So their products are perfectly suited for this sport, especially considering how often fighters train. Today, Thaiboxing Fightgear works in partnership with internationally renowned Thai boxing brands: Fairtex, Twins, Top King, Windy, Raja and local brands appreciated by the greatest Thai fighters. We know what's going on in the land of Muay Thai, we know what fighters, boxers and trainers are looking for. As an authorized Twins, Fairtex, and Top KIng resellers, our goal is to hear you saying: I got this equipment at a good price, it's of excellent quality and I've improved my skills with it. Keep the story going.