Thai boxing gloves

An essential piece of gear for any thai boxer is a pair of high-quality thaiboxing gloves. We feature the most popular and in-demand fight gear brands like Fairtex, Twins, Lumpinee, Top King, Yokkao, etc. Our range of boxing gloves runs from fitness to fun, all the way to the best professional gloves in the thaiboxing equipment today. Our boxing gloves and gear are made to perfection for fitness, MMA, and muay thai boxing, in both training and competition.  For the best performance while training or in competition, you need the right type of glove. Boxing gloves must be highly durable and resistant to tears, scrapes, and thousands of high speed impacts. Our Boxing gloves are very secure and provide a lot of wrists support. The outside material is durable. Good fit and comfortable. Handmade from very high quality leather. Made in thailand.


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